The Story

"Flood Stroke" is a screen-printing term that comes from the original, analog process of printing t-shirts. The first step of the two step screen-printing process is the "flood stroke" which occurs when the squeegee is pulled to distribute a layer of ink evenly across the surface of the screen. Following the flood stroke, is the "print stroke". On the print stroke, pressure is then applied to the squeegee to push the ink through the screen and on to the shirt. My career as a graphic designer began as a screen printer in 1982. Since then I've made my living with my own graphic design agency. Today, I started this online store called, "Flood Stroke", to offer unique, one-of-a-kind products featuring original artwork by myself and artists who are family and friends. By purchasing our super cool shirts and things, you'll be supporting independent artists who wish to enrich lives with their ideas/designs. So we greatly appreciate you spending time with us!